Sunday, April 19, 2009

A wonderful meal...

Pat and I were able to sneak away from the house a few hours tonight a go out to dinner to celebrate our third anniversary at the Bavarian Chef in Madison. Samantha, our niece, came to look after the kiddies while we were enjoying our time away.
When Samantha arrived, we had given Savannah a bath and fed her before we left. She was sound asleep when we got back home and is still asleep as I type this blog.
I had Wiener Schnitzel, large scallops of handbreaded veal served in burgandy sauce, along with creamed corn and red cabbage. Pat had shrimp scampi stuffed with crab meat and surrounded by some potato concoction (which was fabulous), spaetzle and potato dumplings.
The waitress, who told us she was a college graduate who had decided to work at the restaurant, was great and will soon be a neighbor as she and her fiance recently bought a house in our neighborhood. She told us about the regular customers (couples who eat there at least once a week)... I love that food, but it's too hearty to eat every week!
We came home stuffed and happy, but vowing not to eat out for a while because we're trying to pay off some bills... and Julius' arrival!

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