Friday, April 3, 2009

Our trip to Virginia Beach...

I made my first road trip with two children this week as we traveled down to see Mom and Dad in Virginia Beach. All in all we had a good trip... only had to make one turnaround and three stops. The turnaround was because I got distracted by a police officer in Gordonsville and missed my road... so I ended up headed towards Orange County instead of the Interstate. It only took me about five miles to convince myself I was going the wrong way (it looked wrong to me earlier, but I was lost in the Wiggles and Savannah's chattering).
I then had to make two pitstops to fix Julius' head from drooping out of his carseat and make a pitstop to get myself something to drink.
It took us almost four hours to get to Mom and Dad's, but we made it here in one piece.
We spent today resting after getting a late start, but hope to get out tomorrow with Grammy and do a little shopping.
Here are a few pictures from today... no pictures of Julius as he stayed inside out of the wind.

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