Monday, June 20, 2011

Learning to ride...

We bought the children bikes this weekend and took them out yesterday, on Father's Day, for their first trial run. I have to admit the reason we bought them is because Savannah has to have one for daycare (yes, we put the children in full-time daycare when I returned to work in February). Every other week, we'll have to take her bike to school so she and others in our class can have some ride time.
We live on top of a hill so the only real riding time the kiddies will get is when we take them out to a parking lot to ride. In fact, I have a feeling we'll be spending most evenings out letting them ride their bikes as both of them seemed to enjoy it so much.
Savannah is a natural and has already learned how to pedal, steer and ring the little bell on her Barbie bike. She wanted a bike with a basket and therefore traded the Disney Princesses for Barbie... ah, the life of the preschooler.
Julius hasn't quite figured out how to pedal so he just pushes his bike along Fred Flintstone style or asks Mama or Daddy for a push. There were a few times when he fell off the bike, but he just picked himself up and got back on... he's a tough little boy (and certainly ALL BOY!)
Here are a few pictures from our adventures....

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Suze said...

It looks like all of you had a great time! Bella loves to pedal around our subdivision too, we have some nice outings like that. I love Savannah's bike, and she looks like a pro already. As for Julius, I bet once he figures out how to pedal fast he'll have you and Pat sprinting after him :D