Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Virginia Beach...

We traveled down to Virginia Beach Friday to celebrate Christmas with Mom and Dad Fitzgerald. We actually were planning to go down on Thursday, but time got away from us and we didn't get to leave until Christmas Eve. I actually think it was best because the roads weren't as busy Friday morning as I'm sure they were Thursday evening.
We woke up early Christmas morning to Savannah being excited and peeking around the corner to see a Christmas tree and presents underneath it. Poor Julius wasn't quite sure what was going on and he, Daddy and Grammy went back to bed after the big present opening ceremony ended.
The kids got much more than they needed... a problem Santa's helper didn't realize until she saw everything under the tree. Although I consider myself to be a careful shopper, I'm sure there were several things we could have left from under the tree and neither of the kids would have noticed (I actually did keep two of Julius' gifts for his birthday in February).
Here are a few pictures of our big day... and we were able to sneak out of Virginia Beach before the big snow storm that dumped almost a foot of snow overnight.

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