Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy weekend ahead...

It's been a busy week here in the Fitzgerald house as we get ready for a family-filled (and hopefully lots of fun) weekend.
Mom and Dad Fitzgerald will arrive tomorrow to spend two nights with us as we prepare to celebrate Savannah's birthday and our niece, Samantha's, graduation.
Samantha graduates Saturday morning from James Madison University (which I have more than once mistakenly called John Madison - mixed it up with a similarly named school in Arkansas). I'm staying home with the kids while Pat and Mom and Dad go to the graduation ceremony and then we'll join them for a little gathering afterwards.
We're throwing Savannah a "Wiggly" birthday party on Sunday... to translate that for all of you non-Wiggles fans, that means it will involve everything Wiggles. I had to place an order to Australia to get party favors, but luckily it wasn't very expensive.
We're expecting six or seven children (that includes our two) and family to join us for a nice afternoon... hopefully the weather will cooperate after a crazy week of rain.
Here are some pictures I took of the children earlier today... Pat and I are so fortunate to have such wonderful kids.

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